Optavia- A Path to Optimal Health

Optavia- A Path to Optimal Health

Live the Lifestyle is so proud to introduce the newest brand released by our affiliate program Take Shape for Life. This premium line of fuelings is a key component to the transformation in our well being as a culture. Optavia feulings are made with only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from all over the world. 

With the rate of obesity currently rounding out at more than 1 in 3 adults, something must be done. Take Shape for Life has been impacting change in the obesity epidemic for 15 years. But they can see that the time has come to add some additional power packed food to their regimen.  

Our lack of sufficient sleep and overwhelming schedules have tipped the scales at an unmanageable rate. There was a day when we thought that the advancements of technology would make life easier, but studies have proven otherwise. We are so busy and disconnected, bombarded by life in general, that health has continued to take a back seat. I heard someone say “if you just simplify you will simply fly”. And that is what Take Shape for Life has done. They have made it simple for us to make nutritious choices in the chaos of our busy lives. 

This is the marriage of great technological advances to great applications in nutrition. Optavia is blending today’s culture with today’s opportunity. The evolution of food has brought us back to our roots and meshed modern ease with growing awareness. Wrapping the farm to table concept in nutritious packages. Right to your front door, as good as the garden you never had time to grow.

The new Non-GMO premium fuelings contain a minimum of 250 million CFU of GanedenBC30® probiotic cultures per to help support your digestive and immune health as well as  25 Vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D!

We at Live the Lifestyle are more than thrilled about the ever growing options to help people gain optimal health and quality of life. Please visit our website at livethelifestyle.net for more information and let us know how we can help you!








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