When I was a little girl I was a dreamer. I believed anything was possible. Isn’t that the case for so many of us? We set out to embark on a glorious adventure and then, life happens and we disconnect.

We all have our stories and I will spare you the details of mine but let’s just say I made my life tough. I think it’s important to own your own stuff. And my stuff was a mess!

Somehow I muddled through and landed in an amazing life with an amazing husband and three beautiful kids, but there was still something missing. I needed peace. I needed more. I had a great life on the surface but I wasn’t content. When I felt like my life should have been at its best, I was too stressed out, tired, sick, and overweight to enjoy it. I had reached a place in my life that should have been celebrated and I was too worn out to care.

It was time to take control. I decided to start by tackling my financial situation. I found some guidance through the teachings of Dave Ramsey. He really knows how to get right down to brass tacks. I took him seriously and started working on behavior modification in regards to my spending. I soon realized that behavior modification should be applied to all aspects of my life.

It was time to tackle my health. Having been diagnosed with Lupus and heading in a dangerous direction with my weight, I needed a plan. Something I could stick with. Something to help me achieve my long-term health objectives.

I tried a few approaches with only mild success before I found a something that rocked my world. It was a weight-loss program that took all the guesswork out of it for me. I achieved my goals quickly and my Lupus symptoms subsided. I got off all my medications and started feeling like a brand new woman.

It was time to pay it forward. Through the Martha Beck training program, I learned that there was a message in my mess. I meet so many people who are in this same space. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you feel like you should be on top of the world but instead, you’re overwhelmed, overweight, and overrun by the stresses of life. Whether it’s sick children or a lack of sleep, a mortgage you can’t afford or a job you hate, there is hope! There is a plan for each one of us.

My passion is to connect you to your dreams.