Live the Lifestyle Upgraded Living Article Aug 2014

Could an athlete become a gold-medalist without a coach? Could a surgeon excel without a teacher? Would the president be an e ective ruler without an ad- viser? To reach one’s maximum potential, a little help goes a long way. In order to improve your life, you must improve your lifestyle, and with a coach, success is a realistic goal.

Introducing: Live the Lifestyle, where health goes beyond the appearance of one’s body and Amy Lacey, President and Certi ed Health Coach is ready to teach her clients to live with a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy nances. “Our goal is to provide people with different options for optimal health,” Amy explains.

What is Live the Lifestyle?

It is a program with individualized meal plans and professional support to help clients lose weight and keep it o in a safe, healthy way. Using Take Shape for Life and Medifast as its starting point, Live the Lifestyle is able to provide medically graded meal plans with mus- cle-sparing, low glycemic meal replacements. The Medifast system was developed in 1980 as a medically prescribed program and later opened to the public through Take Shape for Life in 2003. With Take Shape for Life, clients gain access to a bio-network of support including registered dietitians, doctors, nurses and nutrition advisors. Live the Lifestyle expands on this system by adding whole-food cooking options with recipes created by reg- istered dietitians, addresses sleep as an ele- ment to weight gain and loss, and focuses on maintaining the desired weight. With tools to help teenagers, elderly people, diabetics, athletes, obese clients, gluten free, dairy free, ko- sher and vegan clients, this program can be adjusted to t any set of needs. Anyone can pick up a cookbook or stock up on diet-fad materials, but Live the Lifestyle provides its clients with individualized advice, support and planning in the form of a health coach. “Since we have started, we have helped many people lose weight and keep it o ,” explains Amy. “The difference between us and other programs is that the coaching and bio-net- work of support along with the individual meal plans are customized to each of our clients. We teach people what optimal health is and how to develop healthy habits--something many people did not grown up with.”

How does it work?

“We are guided by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen who wrote best seller Habits of Health"

Dr. James Lacey, Amy Lacey, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

and the companion guide Living a Longer, Healthier Life. The meal replacements we o er have been developed at Johns Hopkins and are regulated by the FDA. We have the ability with the meal replacements to lose weight while teaching you how to eat multiple times a day, exercise, and sleep, all important to losing weight and getting healthy,” says Amy.

Some basics of the program include:

Six Steps:

1. Preparing for your journey
2. Reaching a healthy weight
3. Transitioning to eating healthy 4. Learning the habits of health 5. Optimizing health for your age 6. Providing an opportunity to live

a longer, healthier life


  • Breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Support
  • Low fat meals six times a day
  • Individual plan
  • Monitoring

Does it work?

Amy and her husband started with them-selves. Together, on the Take Shape For Life and now with the maintenance of the Live the Lifestyle program, they lost over 100 pounds combined and they have kept it off. Amy was once diagnosed with Lupus and as pre-diabetic and she raves, “Since the program, I have not had any lupus breakouts and my sugars and blood pressure are completely normal. I feel better than I have in years and want to pay it forward.”

Her husband, James Lacey, is Board certi ed in otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and sleep medicine and wanted to lose weight to set an example of a healthy lifestyle for his kids and avoid his family history of sleep apnea. Admittedly, he has tried going low-carb and dieted with Sugar Busters, South Beach Diet and Paleo. The Live the Lifestyle program has finally given him lasting success in his weight loss and health. “I’ve lost 45 pounds so far. The system works because of the simplicity and coaching.” One of the most valuable tools he’s learned in the program is STOP, Challenge, Choose. Dr. Lacey explains, “My biggest challenge is that I have a stressful job which leads me to stress eating. The program teaches you to STOP shoving food in your mouth, challenge yourself to see if you are really hungry or bored or stressed, and choose not to eat, or to eat a healthier option. It has helped me a lot.”

Live the Lifestyle has proven to be so successful in their own lives, Dr. Lacey has recommended it for his patients. Along the same lines, Amy says, “I have clients who have had gastric bypass and the lap band and by supplementing those procedures with Live the Lifestyle, they are optimizing their weight loss. I also have had diabetics come o their medicine and have reduced symptoms of thyroid disease and hypertension. We hope to continue spreading the word and helping others who are ready to make a change!"