Upgraded Living Feb 2015

Breanne and Antonio

Breanne began to gain some extra weight as a teenager and reached her heaviest point in the fall of 2014. She began to feel out of place in a crowd like everyone was noticing how much she weighed. She wanted to get her self confidence back, reach a healthier weight and gain better health habits so she could eventually have a baby with her beloved husband, Antonio. When Breanne’s aunt found an article for Take Shape For Life in Upgraded Living, she brought it up to Breanne and offered to sponsor her. Breanne took her up on the offer and began losing weight instantly.

“The first week I did the program, with Amy Lacey as my Health Coach, I lost 8 lbs! If 8 lbs in a week isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is. I get to eat every couple of hours so I never feel like I’m starving. The food is full of nutrients so I don’t have to take any kind of vitamin supplements and I feel great! What I love the most is that I lost enough weight to actually enjoy physical activities when before they were intimidating.”

For eleven months, Antonio who was stationed across the country in the military would support Breanne from afar. He’d tell her how beautiful she was and sometimes fall asleep by her side on Skype. When he finally came home, Breanne was excited to show him her progress. “He always loves my body no matter what shape it’s in, but I knew he’d love my new con dence. I’ve always admired his huge heart and his compassion for other people. He will be the first person to hold out his hand to someone in need. He is so supportive of all that I do, gives me great advice, and ultimately the courage to pursue my journey for health,” says Breanne.

When Antonio first saw Breanne’s new look he said he felt complete happiness. “Once she pulled up to the curb at the airport and stepped out of the car, I was in awe of her beauty. It makes me so happy to know she feels better about herself and is so determined to reach her goals. She’s a very intelligent, beautiful, and caring woman. She has it all and I couldn’t ask for a better wife.”

Breanne plans on continuing with her journey for health with Amy Lacey as her coach. “I want to keep going not until I reach a specific weight, but until I am fully loving the skin I’m in.”

This program has changed my life and that of my family. Yes I lost weight, but I am also now free of medications, I sleep well and am free of anxiety. I lost the weight, but more importantly I gained my life back. I want to pay it forward.